Our Story

Welcome! I’m Marie, the designer and founder behind this brand. The journey organically began when I noticed a need for clothing designs inclusive of medical needs we often oversee. As a social worker in a cancer center, I was exposed to difficulties people with cancer face. While buttons are common and beautiful details of a clothing design, it brings much difficulty and a "sense of failure," when treatment side effects cause neuropathy (numbness and pain in hands/fingers/feet). 

Being a mother, I also knew the struggles of finding minimalist designs that were nursing- friendly. irro irro was born with a passion to bring medical inclusivity in the ethical fashion space. 

My Japanese heritage takes a big part in this brand, which streams back to my grandfather. The very person who initially introduced me to the world of art with my first collection of watercolor pencils, to watching him patiently enjoy Japanese calligraphy and pottery. Because of him, I have been fascinated with beautiful textile, colors, and patterns. "irro" meaning color and "irro irro" meaning variety in Japanese. 

My vision is to create a community around the brand. Connecting people with like-minds who support small businesses, ethical and slow fashion, and inclusive of diverse representation.

Our brand focuses on minimalist clothing and accessories for everyday wear. irro irro designs are meant to be a blank canvas, using neutral colors and textiles that are comfortable and soft on your skin. To reduce waste, we produce limited styles in small batches. The scraps are saved for now, with plans to re-purpose them.

Each piece is ethically made in California with textiles that are ethically sourced and milled in Japan. We carefully craft each piece with function, comfort, and practicality. We love that you can easily accessorize our pieces to dress up or down.

Philanthropy is a big part of this brand. 1% of the proceeds will be donated to CLIMB, a support program for children whose parent has cancer, a program close to my heart. My hope is to continue to increase the percentage as the brand grows so that more parents have access to this program. To learn more details about this program, click here

Thank you for taking the time to be here today. Your support goes beyond words can say. 

With much gratitude,